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Order status

Plants usually ship within 1-2 weeks, but we will post any known nursery delays on this page.

We’ll contact you if there are individual order issues.

Gossler Farms Orders East of the Rockies

Gossler Farms ships from Oregon. They currently recommend delaying ground shipping east of the Rockies until spring temperatures arrive. A 3-day-shipping upgrade is available for $15.  You may opt to waive guaranteed safe delivery if you’d like ground shipping now (only recommended for experienced gardeners who understand plant hardiness and risks of cold damage).  


Bloom River Gardens

Bloom River Gardens ships from Oregon. They are currently recommending delaying ground shipping east of the Rockies until spring temperatures arrive. Air shipping upgrades are possible. Because Bloom River ships larger plants with intact root balls, boxes are large and heavy, so air shipping is pricey, starting around $30  goes up from there. Contact us if you would like an exact quote. 

All Sunshine Farm and Gardens Orders

Sunshine Farm and Gardens ships from a higher altitude area of  West Virginia where the ground has been frozen off and on. Field grown plants are delayed until the ground thaws. Many customers are happy to wait for warmer temperatures in their own garden as well, but  If you would like your order to ship ASAP, let us know and they can prioritize your order during the next thaw. 

All Avant Gardens Orders

Avant Gardens is located in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Spring shipping will begin when weather allows. Currently, low temperatures are still in the teens and 20s, so spring shipping is not open yet. They expect to begin shipping in April.

Sebright Orders

Sebright ships plants if they are dormant, or if they have hardened off enough for shipping. Some of the plants are now beginning to break dormancy, so delays are dependent on the growth of the plants in your order. If plants have new tender growth, your order will be held for shipping once the new growth is strong enough to survive the shipping process, typically  in May. 

Still have questions about your order?

Message us, we’ll ask the nursery